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Jan 22, 2014 at 11:14 AM

Best Practice SAP Authentication


hey @ all,

i'am thinking about best practices for SAP Authentication.

For example:

I had an environment with the following systems:

2 BW System

1 Solution Manager with central user administration

some user had access to both bw systems some only to one of them.

For the moment i import the user of the two BW systems and create alias for one of this bw system.

Now i get the following idea:

I use the Sol Man with the central user administration as default SAP Authentication in BO and create aliases for the 2 bw systems for each user out of the SolMan.

I did not know if that work but i could be a possible solution. What is your best practice if you had users out of 2 different BW Systems???

Does anybody had add a centreal user administration in the SAP Authentication????

Thanks a lot.