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Jan 22, 2014 at 08:20 AM

Asset Revaluation depreciation P&L account



I have passed a revaluation amount ABAW (With transaction type 820).As it was legacy data Revaluation happen as per below mentioned accounting entries,

Entry Passed:

1:- Plant & Machinery Revaluation A/c... Dr

To Revaluation Reserve A/c..... Cr

2:- Depreciation Revaluation P&M A/c...Dr

To Accumulated Depreciation on P&M A/c.... Cr

Now when i ran depreciation run in AFAB,

Entry on above revaluation amount was passed as follows:

Depreciation A/c (P/L A/c).... Dr

To Accumulated Depreciation on P&M A/c... Cr

As per requirement, instead of Depreciation A/c (P/L A/c) getting debited, Depreciation Revaluation P&M A/c (mentioned in 2nd entry) must be debited. So in AO90, i mentioned Revaluation reserve A/c in "Expense Account for Ord depreciation field" But it gave me error that P/L GL account can be mentioned & not revalaution reserve. So i have given Depreciation PL Account.

Now my question is how to transfer (except manual transfer) the depreciation in Depreciation Revaluation P&M A/c to satisfy the requirement. Or is there any standard SAP practice by which we can directly hit Depreciation Revaluation P&M A/c instead of Depreciation P&M (P&L) while running AFAB.