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Jan 17, 2017 at 01:44 PM

BEx Analyser Total value by plant

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I have the following issue:
Within our system I find a calculated key figure which shows the key figure value
by plant or by company code.

company code plant key figure value

4711 1000 50

4711 1500 60

4712 2500 70

I have a variable for the company code and just one cell in the query.

variable: company code (user can select 4711, 4712 or both)
range: plant (1000 - 2500) (I need the range).

When doing a select over company code 4711-4712 I want to get
4711 110

4712 70

I there any way to tell SAP to "pick accordingly".
At present, the system takes - for the above select (with the range) -
for one company code (e.g.)
4711 180

We do not have an assignment table (company code - plant) in place yet.

Thanks for any tip.

Thanks in advance