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Jan 21, 2014 at 11:43 PM



Hi Gurus,

I'm facing a big time trouble here when trying to transport a PSADELETE Variant in a RSPC.

I get this error in the log for the transport request:

Post-import method RS_AFTER_IMPORT started for RSPV L, date and time: 20140121145805
Invalid objects: 'After Import' terminated (see long text)

Error Current imported l_th_trkorr_import_all has 2 (lines) in TP command Fatal error: Import all mismatch

Error SAPKLDE702CASCM702X9 SAPKLDE702CASCM702X9 (0000) in TP command Returncode of trkorr trkorr_no_1
Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for RSPV L
RS_AFTER_IMPORT belongs to package RSO_TLOGO
The errors affect the following components:
BW-WHM-MTD (Metadata (Repository))
Post-import method RS_AFTER_IMPORT completed for RSPV L, date and time: 20140121145805
Post-import methods of change/transport request AV1K902621 completed
Start of subsequent processing ... 20140121145805
End of subsequent processing... 20140121145805

This error only happens when transporting PSADELETE process type. All other process types, including process chains, start variants, etc, are transported OK.

We recently had an upgrade from SAP BW 7.0 to SAP BW 7.31 SP 008.

Pls, your help will be appreciated.