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Jan 21, 2014 at 06:11 PM

Product & pricing set up for consumer product in SAP


Dear Expert,

I am trying to understand how a company dealing with multiple products set-up such structure in SAP

Let's say, we take Samsung Electronics as an example:


Highest Level: Home & Business

Product within highest level: Mobile / Camera / PC Tablet

Sub Product Level for Mobile: Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note etc

Likewise various product under Camera & PC Tablet

How above product structure is set-up in SAP and what is the SAP transaction code to enter product levels and structure? Also please suggest a report where I can see such product structure in SAP?

Considering finished stocks are maintained at cost price, where does different sales price shows for different customer of Samsung? What report we run to see this sale price maintained within SAP?

Example Customer of Samsung:

Direct Stores Customer: (Retail Price)

Direct On Line Customer: (On line Retail price)

Distributors (Discount price to distributor / volume discount etc.)

Resellers (Discount price to resellers / volume discount etc.)

Will really appreciate your input towards understanding SAP Structure on above scenarios

Thanks & Regards,