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SolMan 7.1 BW Info Cubes : Monthly Basis KPI Reports

Hello Team,

I have below scenario & questions; Please let me know if you have any prior experience or details.

Product Version : Solution Manager 7.1 SP 14

Database : DB6 10.05.0007

OS : Linux

Scenario: Automate Monthly Basis KPI report (ST03N workload data for satellite prod systems) by creating custom bw queries based on BW cubes filled for EWA(Early Watch Alert) & SLR (Service Level Reporting) within solution manager. The reason to consider only these areas is - we have done our analysis and found only this data is consistently reported and fulfills KPI requirements we currently have so other capabilities like Interactive reporting etc. is something we are not looking for as automation option. Below are the KPIs and respective info cubes. Once highlighted in ‘green’ we are ok I have questions on ‘yellow’

KPI BW info cubes in SolMan

Total Steps/Month 0CCMTDMD1/2

Total Named Users ?

Active SAP GUI Users 0SM_PERF

Online Avg. Response Time/Milliseconds 0CCMTDMD1/2

Total DB Size 0DB2_C01M (?)

Used DB Size 0DB2_C01M (?)

Free DB Size 0DB2_C01M (?)

Response Time Distribution 0CCMTDMD1/2


1) 0SM_PERF – there is data in this info cube but it is format like below; I’m not sure how to better interpret it or have it in desired no. format; I have tried excel.

2) For DB 0DB2_C01M (?) is this correct info cube for ewa or SLR data to go in? I don’t have any data; its empty

3) I didn’t find any info cube which reports Total No. of users (created and active; not logged on)

As far as ewa reports/slr reports for prod satellite systems are concerned they get generated as scheduled with proper data in our Solution Manager Prod.

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