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Jan 21, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Triggering event Appropriation Request


Hi Friends,

we have one requirement where we have to trigger workflow based on change of scale in appropriation request. I have checked in standard BOR object provided BUS2104 and BUS2204 there is no event assign to it, could anyone please let me know if we can use document change in this case?

Any link /idea how to proceed ahead with it.

PFB task done by me on this:

- Created ZBOR object of BUS2104

- Created event ScaleChaneg there.

- Added same event in workflow

- Now try to configure Event Creation Satus Management through t-code BSVW and choose customer setting der

- It opens transaction BSVZ, added entry der with StatusOT as 'IQ0' not sure of it, please let know if we have to use other satus OT

- and then unser Status restriction tab added a entry with Sys. Status as 'I0558'.

but now when i change scale of AR, my event is not getting fired(checked from SWEL).

Please let me know if different StatusOT and Sys. Status has to be used or i have to follow all together new approach to capture change in scale and trigger workflow base on it.

Any help will be gratly appreciated.