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Jan 21, 2014 at 09:26 AM

0PUR_C01 Certain KeyFigures don't show Data...


Dear All,

I'm working on SAP NetWeaver 7.2 and when I load data into 0PUR_C01 (Purchasing Data) using New method: Purchasing Data (Document Item Level) (2LIS_02_ITM) and Purchasing Data (Document Schedule Line Level) (2LIS_02_SCL), certain KeyFigures do not show Data and my requirement is to load data with 0CALDAY transactions. See screen shot:

But when I load data by Conventional method: Purchasing (2LIS_02_S012) my required KeyFigures do show data but I can't have 0CALDAY for this DataSource. See creen shot:

I have deleted and refilled Setup tables for the New Method: DataSources, but still unable to load data for the KeyFigures.

1. What should I do to get data into the required KeyFigures?

2. Do I need to do any changes into my source system?

Many thanks!!!

Tariq Ashraf


NewMethod.gif (258.4 kB)
ConMethod.gif (264.2 kB)