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Jan 21, 2014 at 08:58 AM

Convert Evaluation License to a Valid License (SySAM issue)


I'm running into an issue getting a license file to get along nicely with my 11.5 install of PowerBuilder Enterprise.

I just had to replace my SSD at the end of the year. Complete drive failure. Had all files backed up, but I'm having to reinstall everything on this hard drive.

Through subscribenet I checked all my license file in and created a primary license file based on my hard drive ID. The information showed that this license file was compatible with versions 12.5, 12.0, 11.5 and 11.0. (Created the license file as if I was going to install 12.5)

My thought was that as long as I generated a license file that was compatible with all versions, I would just need to create the one primary license file, and it would be usable for each of the installs on my single laptop.

When I installed version 11.2, I was able to select the license file and it shows up with a valid license file tied to it.

I went ahead and installed version 11.5. It asked me if I wanted to select a valid license or if I wanted to set it as an Evaluation copy and then select the license file after the fact. I selected to do that because I wanted to go ahead and install all the patches before I selected the license. When I was finished everything opened just fine. I went to the tools menu. Selected update license. It let me select the primary license file that I had generated, then the window closed. I shut down PowerBuilder 11.5 and opened it back up. Opened the About window after restart and this is what I get.

No matter how many times I select to apply the valid license file, it does not seem to want to apply it. I'm still stuck in this evaluation mode. The problem is, it's not giving me any kind of error to tell me what might be going on.

My impression had been that my primary license would cover all my installs. As long as the version of the license file covered that copy of PowerBuilder.

I would appreciate it if anybody had any ideas to what might be going on here.


Jeff Gibson

Intercept Solutions - SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner

Nashville, TN