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Former Member
Jan 20, 2014 at 09:03 PM

Storage Location to Supply Area association


Dear Experts,

I was maintaining a part when an example of an issue we’ve been having popped up. The item is properly routed to 50000026 which Is the Hydraulic Shop (they also make axles) and YDR is the Production Supervisor (YDR= Supervisor Hydraulic Shop), but it is setting the Component Shop (RCCS) as the Storage Location it’s to draw parts from instead of the Hydraulic Shop (RCHS). This seems to happen primarily with axles for some reason.

What this does is more of an inconvenience as long as they see it and correct it, but it can cause inventory problems if not caught when they are performing their MIGO to the Production Order.

I suppose the base question behind all of this is what does PP use to determine that Stor. Loc. field when the Production Order is created?

This doesn’t seem to be happening to items that I change from one Production Supervisor and Routing Group to another, just with these, which makes me think this might be something that was set for some parts during the migration that we aren’t setting now.

Is there a way to see the current associations between storage locations and supply areas in maybe a list mode format or something? It’s just odd that so few items exhibit this problem so I wonder what had been made and what the existing Supply Areas are- since the only one that shows up for me is the one I just made, where are the others coming from?

Any help would be appreciated.