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Jan 20, 2014 at 08:07 PM

AWS Model Execution Error in 7.02


Hi Experts,

We have created an application which consumes the Web service running on the CE server.

Portal is on 7.02 and the CE is on 7.2.

The AWS model is created using the WSDL url.

When we execute the model, getting the below error,

Model Execution Error: Exception on execution of web service with WSDL URL 'http://<server>:50000/SI_IS_QueryXXXXXXXXSyncIn_Service/SIISQueryXXXXXXXXSyncInImplBean?wsdl' with operation 'FindXXXXXXXXerByElements' in interface '{http://<company>.com/SBM}SI_IS_QueryXXXXXXXXSyncIn'

In our portal, the Authentication to all WS is set as SSO and there are services consumed by other applications are created in the DynamicWSProxies.

Could you please help on the below query?

1. Will the DynamicWS proxies setting cause any issue when we execute the WS using the wsdl?

2. Do we need to consume all the WS by using Dynamic WS proxy in the portal where we have set the logon as SSO?

Please help.

Thanks in advance!