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Jan 20, 2014 at 06:10 PM

Transferring an already opened email to another org unit


Hi all,

I hope anyone can help.

.I have a business requirement . Agent 1 Interacts with his Inbox on an email workitem and subsequently confirms the BP and an Interaction record is created correctly. The agent then reads the email and realises it is for another department. The Agent needs to send the IR and workitem to another org with a different priority and status. I have changed the priority and status on the IR and selected the correct responsible group to send to.

agent 2 logs in and the IR and workitem are joined in Tree view in his Inbox which is correct with the right new status and priority as expected.


How does agent 2 interact with this? I have tried displaying the IR but sooner or later another IR gets created ?

Or do I select the email workitem and Interact again - which will create a new IR.

I need to have traceabilty with this ie Agent 1 did this , Agent 2 did that etc.


When the original workitem comes in I have set the due date and advance warning so I have a RAG status red, amber, green on the 3 day due date.

With the same scenario above Agent 2 sees the IR without the original email workitems date and displays an incorrect rag status.

what's the best way to handle this?

Thanks all