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Jan 20, 2014 at 12:27 PM

Custom timeout page in SICF


Hello experts,

My current requirement is to implement a customer-specific error page for timeouts.

The SICF allows two possibilities, either to redirect to another URL or to create an explicit page:

The requirement here is to create an explicit error page, but only for the timeouts. The SICF treats both the short dumps and the timeouts as application errors.

I've tried to different possibilities:

1. I've redirected the error to another URL, where I've tested the system tags (like <%=MESSAGE%>) and, in case of timeouts, redirected to another page (something with a message "You're application was idle for too long.." and a big "Refresh" button), or for regular errors, redirected to the standard error page from SAP.

This solution seems to work fine, but I didn't found a way to also enabled the F5 functionality (Refresh), as it will reload the current, timeout, page.

2. On the other hand, if I create an explicit page directly in the SICF, I found that it is not possible to insert JavaScript functionality, so you cannot really switch between pages... even though it works with HTML+CSS. The explicit page would be a much better solution, as it also enables F5.

I tried a work-around by creating an iFrame with the same size as the screen, and inside this iFrame, embed the solution from the first point (1.). The problem here is, for my version of IE, I have to press "Enable content" otherwise it will treat the iFrame as a security breach. Also, I cannot set the system domain as a trusted site, because afterwards I will have to do the same for every users.

If somebody has another idea, please feel free to share it! 😊


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