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Jan 20, 2014 at 03:36 AM

Issue with T-code: F101


Hello Experts,

What is the functionality of F101. Will it pull the report of all balances of Customers (Customer credits & debits) & Vendors (vendor credits & debits) initially when we run without any filters of account type.

I want to know the output of this T-code step by step, customization part as well.

My customer issue is:

When user run F101, there are two strange records coming so that the program has generated two strange posting document : 5000003044,5000003045

The detail information from F101 program regarding to these two strange posting can be found in vendor : 131106, 16893

As far as we know since the balance are in credit side in these two vendors, it should not be regrouped.

Please clarify.

Thanks in Advance.