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Jan 18, 2014 at 11:07 PM

How can I access Parent_View's data in Child_View and again other way?



I have cretaed Parent_WDC, w/ Parent_View, it has a button

Also created Child_WDC, w/ Child_view

By using the below tutorial i am calling Child_View as a POPUP from Parent_View of Parent_WDC, well.

Now, i want to have visibility of context/nodes of Parent_View in Child_View.

I need to do some validations in WDDOINIT, MODIFYVIEW of Child_View, but for that i need Parent_View's data / context

For example, Parent_View's node has a value of 3, i need to pass this 3 to Child's_View's node, here on the Child_View user enters 2, so, i need to add them as 2+3 = 5, finally i need to send the result as 5 to Parent_View's node

Pls. note all the context i defined at COMPONENTCONTROLLER of Parent_WDC

Pls. let me know how can i access Parent_View's data in child_view

Thank you