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Jan 17, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Consignment to Nonconsignment stock Transfer in Warehouse


Hi ,

Wehave below sceanrio .

Consignment stock is stored in ware house in particular storage types. As and when required Consignment stock is transferred to Production floor with transfer orders ( LT01).

Client needs that when such internal warehouse movement of consgnement stock happens, automatic inventory Posting should happen to change the ownership of consignment stock i.e. 411 K movment should be executed in background when such TOs are confimred.

To identify such movements , we have maintained a Z table which will have entries of storage types which will store never consignment stock.

That means , if a transfer order has special stock indicator K and Destination Storage type from above table , system should recognise that stock ownership has to be changed from consignment to own stock.

To Map ths process in SAP, we have following logic

1) Create Transfer order via LT01.

2) At the confirmation of transfer order, system checks if Special stock is K and Destination Storage type from above table , then it will call BAPI_ GOODsMVT_ create and should post 411 K IM movment . All details required for executing this BAPI will be fetched from TO.

3) A Posting change notice is generated along with Material Document

4)Posting chnage notice will be processed by calling FM L_TO_CREATE_POSTING_CHANGE.

5) Input to FM is Ware house number and PCN number but sometime this FM fails to generate TO due to error '“Automatic quant assignment not possible (T_LUBQU transmitted)”'.

Could you please explain from where input values for T_LUBQU should be pulled in such scenario