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Jan 17, 2014 at 12:53 PM

Don't change PAPI behavior!



Since SAP ME 6.1 SP 4 Patch 1 the SfcStartService.startSFC service throws a SFCNotQueuedForOperationException instead of the SFCNotInQueueForAnyOperationException. The SFCNotInQueueForAnyOperationException was marked as deprecated. But it is not listed in the "Deprecated API" page of the PAPI javadoc. Because it's still from Patch 0?

In my opinion it is not acceptable to change the behavior of an existing PAPI service. And if you really, really, really have to do so, you have to write it down exactly and update the javadoc, that we developers have a chance the get informed.

Or is anyone able to see, that you have to change the exception handling for this service in all your code, just by reading this note???

1932690 - Failure message of StartSFC webservice is not correct

I guess this is the reason for the change. Changing the behavior because of a invalid failure message is really odd.

The PAPI is supposed to be release save. We and our customers rely on this!