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Jan 17, 2014 at 09:32 AM

Writting my own PCR


I was trying to find some literature (all in one place) on how to write your own PCRs . I have looked here and there but the information I found just did not allowed me to succeed in writing my own PCR. I had problems with syntax and I also had problems using TABLE function. I found that for instance the function TABLEP0002VARGBFAMST should give me the marriage status but it seems the expression is too long. I do not know if it is too long or if I can expand the spaces in the decision operation field. The system accepts only TABLEP0002. Anyway, this is not a single problem I had.

So could somebody show me please a close example to my PCR? Or could somebody write how it should look like according to the rules on the print screen I attach? This rule is for time.


PCR.png (24.3 kB)