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Jan 16, 2014 at 09:20 PM

Setting "Status Return" in SBWP



Internet e-mails sent from SBWP appear to always have the 'Status return' attribute set to 'Status is always confirmed'.

In NW previous versions (to 7.02), through SCOT we could use Settings -> 'Confirmation of receipt' set to 'SAP connect does not expect receipt confirm from Internet mail' to ignore the SBWP 'Status return' request.

The new SOADM 'Requesting the Status' interface in NW 7.4 is quite different, i.e.:

(excerpt from NW 7.4 help: Requesting the Status - SAPconnect (BC-SRV-COM) - SAP Library)


1. In SOADM, choose --> Settings --> Outbound Messages --> Settings.

2. Switch to the Status Requests tab page.You have a choice of two settings:

  • Standard Setting
    • Select a default setting for status requests. This setting is taken when nothing either has been requested from the application side.
      • Exceptions

In addition to this you can define exceptions that overwrite both the default setting and the request at the application side. Here you can specify complete e-mail addresses or domains (for example, *

  • Confirmation of receipt as an exception

Select SAPconnect does not expect confirmation of receipt of Internet mails.

If necessary, specify recipients or Internet domains that are expected to send confirmation of receipt.

3. Choose Save

SAPConnect now appears to honor the 'Status Request' settings issued by the application, SBWP in this case. To override, we have to enter exceptions for each domain a message is sent (* and the wildcard *@* is not supported (at least it did not work for me).


Do you know of any way to configure SBWP to set 'Status Return' to 'Status is never returned', or configure Outbound Messages in SOADM to force 'Status Return' to 'Never' despite what the application requests?

Thank you.