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Oct 25, 2005 at 12:34 PM

QoS EOIO - How to Configure in JMS adapter?


Hi there,

In order to configure the JMS sender-adapter with EOIO QoS, I need to provide 2 "extra" parameters. These are

1)Queue ID

2)Processing J2EE Cluster Server (ClusterID)

So far I was able to find out the name of the ClusterId in our system but for the Queue ID I still have some doubts.

From the XI documentation I understand that for QoS EOIO , all messages share the same queue. They also say; <i>The "suffix" of this queue must be explicitly set in the application program by a <u>serialization context</u> before the client proxy is called.</i> What exactly is <i>serialization-context</i> in this context?

Can someone provide me with a clear explanation which steps I need to follow in order to use the functionality of QoS EOIO? And if possible some example of the name of an EOIO queue?