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Jan 16, 2014 at 12:10 PM

No batch mixing in MRP


Hi Experts,

I have following scenario for planning & need suggestions -

Y is having a BOM & X is child BOM component. X as a batch managed material. There is a requirement of 100 for parent Y. In BOM Y & X are in 1:1 ratio (bom header qty to component qty ratio 1:1). So the requirement of X will be 100. In inventory I have 2 batches of X. Batch B1 with 75 & batch B2 with 25 qtys. So a requirement of 100 onX can be covered. So MRP will not generate any procurement proposal for X.

But I want that MRP should see that for X we can not mix batches. In other words we can use only single batch. We can assume that the batch with highest qty in inventory OR with earliest expiry should be only considered by MRP. In this case it is B1 with qty = 75. So MRP relevant inventory for X should be only 75 batch B1 & not 100 (B1 & B2).

So can I get suggestions how this can be achieved in standard system? If not, will any kind of exits / enhancements / development possible ?