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Jan 15, 2014 at 06:24 PM

Error in IW32


Hi All,

One WBS element is assigned to a maintenance order( PM module).That maintenance order is having planned cost and some actual cost.The order is released mode.Now when user wants to do any change ,it is throughing error message that "an error occurred during budget check,please check cost protocol"(message no IW172). But in PS report,there is available budget against the WBS element.Responsible person assigned in WBS element is found to be ok.

Please find below budget value of the WBS element.

Budgeted value = 2,011,974.65

Assigned Value=1,911,936.78

Available budget=100,037.87

Actual cost of maintenance order =7,471.83

Also, in maintenance order ,planned cost is showing as 1,491,537.47 under t-code IW32 t-code.

Now if i want change any material qty even reducing the qty, it is giving that error message & rejecting save.System initially allowed to save the maintenance order.Why is it not now? Does system check budget against planned cost of order?