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Jan 15, 2014 at 04:47 PM

Agentry - Persisting Local Objects after delta detection



This is related to Agentry WM 5.3 application customization.

We are facing a strange issue in handling of Local Objects(which doesnt have corresponding SAP fields), during delta detection.

Consider, "WorkOrder" - Parent Object and "MyLocalFiles" - Local child object.


1. After initial transmit, some files are added to Local child object "MyLocalFiles" for WorkOrder - WO1.

2. Now the workorder, WO1 has some value modified in the backend - SAP.

3. Now if Transmit is done, the WO1 is replaced coz of the backend change(delta).

4. The Local child files of WO1, added in step1 is lost now.

I would require the changes to be updated to the device along with the Local object not being affected/removed.

I hope this is a very valid and common scenario in most mobile application and there should be some easy way to handle this.

Let me know, how to handle these local objects efficiently along with delta detection.

Thanks in advance.