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Jan 15, 2014 at 01:07 PM

how to change 'changed By ID' in change history in a Order?


Hi Friends,

My Requirement is, I want to update Changed By ID in change history assignment block with another name.

Consider my user name 'TESTUSER' now I am changing status of an order 'OPEN' to ' Closed' in a automatic process then in change history it will update as last status is 'OPEN' and Changed by ID is 'TESTUSER'. My required functionality is instead of 'TESTUSER' I need 'XYZ' user name

I am using crm_order_maintain to change status .

Right now I am executing a report program to change status with 'XYZ' user name in background mode, with this in change history user name is updated with 'XYZ' .But I am getting order locked issues for Large item contained orders.

Can anyone suggest is there any better way ?

Thanks & Regards,