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Jan 15, 2014 at 06:27 AM



Hi Experts,

I am stuck at 2 things:

1) ERC_A_APPL_MGMT and HRRCF_A_CANDIDATE_REGISTRATION would be used by Agency and unregistered candidate to register in the system i.e. to create NA object with relevant relationships and roles.

I have assigned relevant reference user to the users. Reference user has been created with the standard roles.

Now when i try to register as a agency or unregistered candidate, i get an authorization error of Authorization Obj.: "S_USER_SAS" Activity: 22.

Can some1 please help me in understanding what does this authorization obj does and how to make it available for certain users?

2) Do we need an employee id for creating an agency? the reason why i am asking this is that in portal role e-recruiting administrator there is a service: Maintain Agencies.

In this service i had to select the employee id (**the search help for selecting employee was getting updated only when i created index in SES_ADIN) . I guess this is the only way i can assign the role of Data Entry Clerk to the agency.

I am totally confused on the agency part. Are agency and vendor the same? What are the steps to create an agency or vendor with relevant roles?


**My requirement is simple: external vendor would source candidate against a particular requisition.