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WWI - User Defined Text (long text)

Hello Everyone,

I am having some trouble with my current outputs from WWI not pulling any data through when trying to use the User Defined Text when the data in the specification is long text.

Specification data:

User Defined Text WWI Code:



<01GESTDHEADE(;*/TP)[D:Start of UD Text]>




That portion works fine, however the following Specification scenario breaks the above WWI Code:


As you can see the first line is left out of the WWI and all I'm left with is the second line. I get the same error when there is simply one long text sort sequence. When a line by itself is not long text it displays correctly as well.

I am aware of a few other WWI possibilities such as the same Master repeating group with a Slave Group - User Defined Texts that has a defined type (CM from above). This only causes a Lehslay.txt error. From there I've also tried a Discrete Expansion of Multiple Values within that same slave group and master group which eliminates the Lehslay.txt error but does not output any data whatsoever.

I've tried to use the GESTDLTXTF standard SAP symbol, but because this is linked to the table location this will only output an X from the long text indicator flag in the ESTDF table within the specification.

How do I output User-Defined Long Text using SAP standard symbols?

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 31, 2014 at 04:04 AM

    Hello Experts,

    This turned out to be a custom Symbol Group function module issue, rather than a WWI or SAP issue. We had to replace the Custom Symbol Group’s Function Module’s code related to the symbol GESTDHEADE (User Defined Text Symbol) to match the SAP Standard Symbol Group.

    Thanks for all the assistance,


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  • Posted on Jan 18, 2014 at 04:30 PM

    hello Nick

    I have checked that. I have create s "similar" WWI report etc. I found no problem in output. May be play around like that (to detect may be problem)

    1.) create VAt 1 with sequence "long"(longtext) "short"(sorttext)

    2.) create VAT 2 with sequence "short"(longtext) "long"(sorttext)

    3.) Create a VAT with long long short short or long short long short (or whatsoever sequence)

    The sequence of "long" and "Short" one should really have no effect on output (in normal cases). The same is true if you would try the same with an identifier.

    i found only these threads here:

    but these would liek to get "documents" printed


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    • Nick V Christoph Bergemann

      Hey Guys,

      Thanks for the helpful responses. My coworkers have been able to access similar WWI systems on different SAP instances and found that Dhinesh's code is seemingly the correct way to output the long text as well.

      I'm beginning to suspect that either we have an issue with our custom Symbol group function modules, or we're having a WWI error. If nothing is found by our developer for the custom function modules then I will file an OSS note and update on here.