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Jan 15, 2014 at 04:40 AM

SRM & Portal Independent Navigation vs. NWBC (HTML and Desktop)



I hope that someone here on the forums with some experience in using SRM with NWBC can answer this question. All of the SRM implementations I have been involved with to date have used the NetWeaver Portal and the supplied SRM Business Packages. Now I have the scenario where we are evaluating the possibility to only use the NWBC for Desktop (no portal) and I would like to understand the options available.

As I understand it based on the documentation you can run the SRM with the Portal-Independent Navigation frame. In that documentation it states

NetWeaver Business Client for Desktop

To run SAP SRM applications in the Portal-independent navigation frame, you can only use the NetWeaver Business Client for HTML, not the NetWeaver Business Client for Desktop.

We would rather use the NWBC for Desktop (as we plan to roll out all other content this way), but the statement above rules that out - but I don't understand why. Does anyone have any experience with this scenario? Can anyone explain why it must use NWBC for HTML and not NWBC for Desktop (my general understanding is that NWBC for HTML is less feature rich than NWBC for Desktop - but in this case it seems the opposite is true). I could understand if it was just addressing an external facing scenario (e.g. you need a zero footprint option) - but what about internal e.g. Shopping Cart?

I am interested to hear your thoughts and experiences.