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Jan 14, 2014 at 03:59 PM

Combining AQL and fixed lot sizes in a dynamic modification role: is this possible?


"Different inspection severities lead to different inspection scopes if the other conditions are the same" - so far the Help states to the inspection severity field within the dynamic modification rule.

Basically, I have a request to check if the following is possible:

  • Initial stage: Inspection with Sampling procedure/plan and Severity x/AQL value y
  • Stage 20: Inspection fix 5 pieces
  • Stage 30: Skip

As far as I understand the concept of dynamic modification, I do not see how to achieve this.

  • I set up an inspection plan with reference to the dynamic modification rule
  • One operation with a characteristic referencing to a sampling procedure with a sampling plan in the background

Now in the dynamic modification rule I can only modify the lot size of an inspection lot created based on stage 20 (respectively the equivalent quality level) by applying a different severity, correct? I am not even able to change the AQL value.

A workaround to think of is to copy the sampling plan and then modify one of the severities to act as a fixed inspection scope, but I would consider this as pretty ugly and inflexible. Especially if you use the standard sampling plans based on the ISO standards, which you do not want to modify anyway.

Does anyone have ideas onto which direction I could investigate further?