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Jan 14, 2014 at 03:54 PM

Authentication Error of SLD user: Authentication did not succeed


Hi experts,

I have an authentication issue in our PI system. Our PI Pre-Production system tries to connect to our PI Development system with the SLD_SD_<SID of the Pre-Production system>.

Unfortunately the SLD Client Connection and the SLD Data Suppliert connection of our Pre-Production system is not pointing to PI Development (it used to do that, but that was changed to our Master SLD on PI Production system). Therefore that user SLD_DS_... was deleted on our development PI system. All SLD destinations on QI1 were re-routed to PI-Production. However system still tries to connect.

User: SLD_DS_<SID of our PI Pre-Production system>
IP Address: <IP address of our PI Pre-Production system>
Authentication Stack:*sld
Authentication Stack Properties:
template = ticket
policy_domain = /sld
password_change_error_page = /ChangePasswordSLD
auth_method = basic
password_change_login_page = /ChangePasswordSLD
realm_name = SLD

Login Module Flag Initialize Login Commit Abort Details
1. SUFFICIENT ok false true
#1 trusteddn1 = OU=J2EE,CN=<SID of Enterprise Portal>
#2 trustediss1 = OU=J2EE,CN=<SID of Enterprise Portal>
#3 trustedsys1 = <SID of Enterprise Portal>,000
#4 = true
2. REQUISITE ok exception true Authentication did not succeed.
3. OPTIONAL ok true
No logon policy was applied

I checked all destinations in NWA and also any SLD Data Supplier Bridge settings. I couldn't find where that SLD_DS_... user is used.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Best Regards