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Jan 14, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Enhancing BuilEmpAdvancedSearch with standard field BU_GROUP



I have the specification to return lists of employees with BUT000-BU_GROUP = X when a search for employees is performed on Web UI.

The standard already returns it with other BU_GROUP types both on dev and quality environments. I then do a custom filter at the view level to get the required ones. However, on quality environment, the results are limited by the number of MAX_HIT specified in the standard and it does not return the required type (found at the end of the table BUT000) in the list and the custom filter does not work.

If the MAX_HIT is increased to millions on the search screen, the custom filter works but then it causes a performance issue.

The new solution to be implemented is to enhance the search object BuilEmpAdvancedSearch so as to add our custom condition BUT000-BU_GROUP = X into the query itself. The query's result attribute structure CRMST_EMP_OBJECT_BUIL does have the field BP_GROUP in it, however the field is not present on the search object attribute structure CRMST_EMP_SEARCH_BUIL.

How can I make the BuilEmpAdvancedSearch query object take BP_GROUP as a search criteria too?