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Jan 14, 2014 at 11:27 AM

Is there a limitiation on # of Graphs in Webi


Morning everyone,

I have searched in SCN and other forums to see if there is a limitation on the number of graphs in a Webi document and can't find anything hence I am posting this query.

I have a WebI document with 7 tabs and there are currently 55 graphs in the document. As I try to add more I am hitting issues. Issue such as Right Mouse click doen's work when you Copy & Paste a chart / Screen locks up / System errors that force you to close the document etc.

Some of the tabs use section breaks and we are showing up to 9 charts for each of the sections, hence the no. of graphs is quite high. Needless to say there are no redundant graphs in there that I can remove - I actually need to add in a few more to cater for a workaround on how Webi graphs values > 10.

Perhaps it's more a memory issue on the client PC side or a known issue with the number of charts a document can handle.

Any similar issues you have encountered and any workaround you put in place would be great to hear.

With thanks


Webi Ver: 14.0.6