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Jan 13, 2014 at 03:48 PM

Vendor warranty process without CS (Sending non functioning equipment to vendor)


Dear Experts,

Client has a requirement like to send out the equipment for replacement/repair if it is under the warranty without using the CS module only with the PM.

The possible solutions i think are the following. Please correct me if i am wrong or suggest me any better solutions.

1) Maintain the warranty information in the equipment master

2) Create a non valuated material for the same equipment in MM.

3) Create a notification for the break down equipment (We will get the warranty pop up from here) in PM

4) To send the equipment out to the vendor we will use the non valuated material and we will change the user status of the equipment like "sent to vendor"

5) We will create a subcontracting Purchase requisition and convert the same to PO and then GI and GR.

6) Finally we change the user status like "operational".

Please give me your valuable inputs on this.