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Jan 13, 2014 at 02:01 PM

BOM Transfer to GTS



In ECC we we have configured at Plant level 3 differnet BOM usuages. These are as follows:

1 Production

5 Sales and distribution


After doing the setting we are trying to check whether BOM with usuage 5 is getting transfered or not. We have identified material with BOM usuage 5. But from ECC when we are trying to send these materials to GTS, it is not giving any message and also not transfering materials to GTS.

Alll products are already there in GTS and also material types are not in the exclusion list.

But when we are trying to send material with usuage 1, it is going to GTS and in the pereferce determination BOM componets are shown perfectly.

Please help me to findout the reason, why I am not able to send BOM of usuage 5.

Thank you for your help.