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Jan 13, 2014 at 10:15 AM

No available Iview (why??)



I created an Iview which I call from POWL (method IF_POWL_FEEDER~HANDLE_ACTION). Since I am new to portal and POWL I copied an existing Iview and adapted it to my needs; I also copied part of the existing code in the method for calling the iview. The answers in this post helped me a lot, because I was not able to get the Iview displayed.

The problem is that I get this stupid error message and don´t know why:

It means something like: "There is no available Iview for system xxx: object course. You get additional information from your administrator".

What is the reason for this ?? My Iview is displayed embedded in the portal, that message is displayed at the same time as a popup. Before being able to display the Iview I also got the error message.



Error.PNG (6.8 kB)