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Jan 13, 2014 at 07:02 AM

Why do materials 'without stock in QI' need Stock posting?


Hi Experts,

I have one query regarding the Stock posting tab in QA32. I searched a bit in SCN and other forums also but couldn't find a suitable solution.

QM is integrated with PP and MM and we use 04 & 01 respectively for different material numbers.

For few material in each category (01 & 04), stock is not required in QI and thus 'Post to inspection stock' is not set for respective materials. For such materials, inspection lot is generated without taking the quantity into QI.

All the materials (HALB and ROH) are set for batch classification and MICs and Class char linking is maintained. Everything works fine from recording the results, UD, Stock posting and inspection result transfer to batch.

  • Materials, for which indicator is not set for Post to insp stock, user need to complete the stock posting along with UD to transfer the results into batch master even when stock actually does not move into QI.
  • Problem occurs when UD is given but stock posting not done, because results do not get transferred to batch and System status also remain as SPRQ.
  • To overcome this, we have maintained a UD code with description (Auto stock posting) and set the VMENGE01 To unrestricted use in Posting proposal UD.

My query:

  • When the stock actually is not taken into QI, why is it required to follow the SP alongwith UD?
  • Is there a way by which I can disable/disappear the Inspection lot stock tab for such material where stock is not needed?
  • Or, stock posting is not needed to be done to transfer the results since stock actually does not move into QI?

Following are the settings which are currently maintained,

  1. Inspection is being done wrt Task lists (Usage 1 & 5 for 04 & 01 insp type respectively.
  2. In QM settings at Plant level, Batch valuation without material spec is set.
  3. Sampling procedure: Fixed sample, Valuation mode is 100 Attributive inspection nonconf. units, no multiple samples !!
  4. Other things like inspection points, DMR etc are not in use.
  5. I have also pasted a snapshot of QA32 and MMBE of same batch/material and storage location to understand the issue better.

If more information is required about anything, please let me know.




SP_Query.jpg (176.4 kB)