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Jan 13, 2014 at 04:18 AM

Payload structure not visible in Moni


Hello All,

One of the interface where we are calling RESTful webservice thru java code, when we calling java code from standalone the webservice working fine based on input parameters webservice sending response back, but the same one when I import in as Import Archive in PI, and test this scenario. I see success in moni, but I do not see request-target structure payload. I see only request sender-payload structure in moni.

At this point I only testing request map for call the webservice , where I am getting this error.

Any idea what is the cause of this? Network issue? but this java code working fine in same Network.

Trace showing following information:

< Trace level =" 1 " type =" T " > Reading sender agreement </ Trace >

< Trace level =" 1 " type =" T " > Inbound validation by adapter does not take place </ Trace >

<Trace level="1" type="T">Inbound validation by Integration Engine does not take place</Trace>

Other question was , since this class file we imported into PI, how do I send the input parameters to this class file. As original sender was file, from CSV file we'll take input parameters and send those to this java code and pass it to webservice.

Right now for testing purpose i have hardcoded input values in Java code and trying to call this webservice, and I am using sender side HTTP adapter to invoke this PI interface.

One more questions was, since we are calling this webservice thru java mapping, what adapter should I use in receiver?