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Jan 11, 2014 at 04:48 PM

Using reliable messaging in PI 7.3 with an consumer proxy


Hi experts.

I have a interface which receive information from a Microsoft biz-talk application. The inbound communication channel is SOAP Adapter type then is receiving by a system interface mapping the message to a RFC object then the output is sending to the ECC by a RFC Adapter type. the problem is when some cases PI is receiving duplicate messages from biz-talk because of if in a period of time biz-talk has not received an answer from PI it sends the message again.

¿It is possible to solve this using an consumer proxy and then just configure in the operation profile reliable messaging on true?

¿How can I implement a reliable messaging scenario in this case?

¿Please somebody can guide me to solve this. I just want to avoid duplicate messages get delivering between biz-talk -PI and ECC?