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Jan 10, 2014 at 12:22 PM

OS migration for 7.01 SAP Netweaver portal - options to reduce export/import time?


Hello Gurus,

We have to do an OS migration for an SAP Netweaver 7.01 portal landscape.

Source - HP-UX

Target - Linux

CPU - 8

RAM - 64GB

DB - Oracle

DB Size - 250GB

Instances - CI + 5 DIs

We tried to take do a mock, and the test export using SWPM with default options took around 14hrs. Since we're dealing with 7.01, SWPM don't support table splitting, so we had to go with default options.

We have not yet tested the import, but assuming it is going to take more than that plus have to re-install 5 dialog instances after migration it is going to take lot of time.

From the DB export log:

INFO: KMC_DBRM_CONTENT exported (250060 rows) --> about 4 hours

INFO: WCR_USERNODELOGON exported (140152955 rows) --> about 2 hours

INFO: WCR_USERNODESTAT exported (140153038 rows) --> about 3 hours

INFO: WCR_WEBCNODESTAT exported (126607380 rows) --> about 1,5 hours

Do we have any other options to do the migration of 7.01 portal system (like migrating DB with O2O and then do only java content export/import via sapinst)?