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Jan 10, 2014 at 10:08 AM

ORDERS05 Pricing Error


Hi SAP Gurus,

We are using ORDERS05 for sales order, we have a problem, because our partner uses 3 digits and SAP only uses 2.

Out partner calculates back from total price incl tax, but we calculate the other way from PR00 + MWST = Total price.

This means that the correct total price from our partner via EDi (ORDERS05) should be example 1000,00 EUR, but in SAP it is 999,99.

I put in SAP the PR00 Price from the IDOC and also discounts if any.

But how can I overrule the total price in SAP with the total price from the IDOC ? The invoice have to say EUR 1.000,-

I have tried making a new MWS condition, so that I read the PR00 and MWST price from the IDOC, but I cannot get it to work because it have KOAID = D - So it will redetermine when I bill the delivery and then overrule the MWST price in the IDOC,

Is there a way around, so I can get the same total price as in the IDOC ?

Thanks and best regards