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First sample inspection for the production

Jan 17, 2017 at 09:28 AM


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Hello All,

As it is understood, with the inspection type 0101 and a corresponding inspection plan with usage 51 one can implement first sample inspection for the raw material / semi-finished products procured from external sources.

In our case we also need to register the first sample inspection reports for the articles on the production floor. I am looking for the correct inspection type that I should specify in the Material Master and usage I should mention in the inspection plan.

I think it is quite normal to have first sample inspections for the production and there exists a solution to my question in standard SAP solution.

Thank you.


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Craig S
Jan 18, 2017 at 04:54 PM

yep.. you might think... :-)

But no.. No first article inspection is done for production materials. I believe that this is more so done with material versioning.

Also, remember that what usages are used for which inspection types is totally a configurable item. Task list usages for inspection type can, and often are changed from client to client. There is no "right" usage. It's configurable.


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Welll... I was hopeful cause I needed it (In principle, it makes sense not have it because first sample inspection is needed on the material that is procured).

We are just trying to create a ready-made reference by performing it for the production article. I will be doing that by creating a first sample inspection plan and subsequently triggering it manually in SAP.

Thanks for the answer Craig S.



If this is a consistent requirement that happens for many materials, and you can provide some logic, you could use a user exit to automatically assign a specific plan. For instance, create all your "first sample" plans with a usage of say "FS". , You can look up the correct user exit via google, I don't know it off hand but there are three user exits hit when a lot is created and one is used to assign plans.

Have the exit determine if this material had an inspection lot created that has a UD of say "ACCEPT". If it does not, then change the usage to "FS" and assign the "first sample" plan. That way, as long as previous UD's are say "REJECT", "SAM APP" or basically anything other than ACCEPT, the sample plan would continue to be applied. Once an "ACCEPT" is seen, the user exit is exited and the normal plan usage is used.

You could also base the sample plan asisgnment based on a status of the material maintained in the material master. Keep the status as SAM until such time as the material has passed all its initial testing requirements. Just code the logic into the user exit. I.e. IF matnr status = SAM then use a plan usage of FS.

You could also maintain the status of a material in classification in a material 001 class. Change the value between PROTO and PROD and test for that in user exit.

Many ways you can do this. IF it is common enough to justify the development. Otherwise just manually change plan assignments as needed.