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Billing Released to accounting

Dear All,

I have the posting block at my Billing document type.So Any user trying to create billing in VF01 and while saving system will create excise invoice in Background and In VF02--Document flow shows the Status as blocked.So One authorised user will release to accounting after complete check.

Now the issue is --Some of the billing documents which has shown the error of Account determination after saving through VF01.

So I found out the reason that Proper account assignment category assignments has been missed--So i assigned proper GL in VKOA.

But while going to VF02 & saved again--- it was directly posted to accounting---why?

This posting block at Billing document type will not be having any impact if the document has been found with Account determination error--Is it So?

Pl help for better understanding.


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6 Answers

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    Former Member
    Jan 11, 2014 at 12:55 PM

    Hi Phani,

    I did some test on my system. Need clarification to reconstruct your steps.

    1. You have created Invoice (w account determination issue). This document is showing posting status "A - Billing Document blocked for forwarding to FI" after you saved. I assume it says Billing doc saved. Account document not created.

    2. This is the step that is critical. How did you find out that there is account determination issue?

    Now, what I did here is do a release to account. When this happens, the Posting Status changed to "B - Posting document not created (account determ. error). From this point onwards, the system is not going to know if the Billing Type is flagged as "Posting Block".

    3. Therefore after step 2, the system is assuming that you have previously flagged for release and after you correct the acctassgrG, it will transfer to FI.

    Again Step 2 is critical. Let me know what is the step taken so that we could figure this out together.



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    • Former Member Phanikumar V L

      Hi Phani,

      You are welcome. My offer is to repeat the same issue you face in my system and below is what i've tested in my ECC 6.0 environment.

      Without Posting Block Checked in Billing Doc Config.

      Creation of Billing Document WOPB with account determination error. Posting Status is reflecting as "Error in accounting interface" before saving (VF01) and "B Posting Document Not Created (Account determ. Error" after saving(VF03). This is another inconsistency with your system.

      With Posting Block Checked in Billing

      Creation of Billing Doc WPB with account determination error. Posting status is reflected as "A Billing document blocked for forwarding to FI" both before and after saving.

      Now in VFX3, Billing Doc WPB is reflected as accounting block, while billing doc WOPB is reflected as "acct determin. error".

      What's really interesting here is the difference in Posting Status in VF01 between your system and mine. With posting block checked, my billing block is reflected as "A Billing document blocked for forwarding to FI" instead of what you have observed "Account Determination Error". This is the inconsistency that I've noticed.



  • Jan 14, 2014 at 06:32 AM

    Dear All,

    Thanks for helping me. I find the answer.

    I tested this in my system. First I activated the Posting block in billing type in VOFA.

    So system will show the message of ""No accounting document generated""

    So once after going to VF02-i released it manually.

    So the Billing document has been saved with accounting entries.

    Now I removed the GL account in VKOA for my combination of Application+Condition type+Chart of accounts+Customer A/C assignment category+Material A/C Assignment category.

    Again I repeated the sales cycle--so system has shown the message "No accounting document generated""

    Now I have gone to VF02--and released it manually--this time thrown a message of Error in account determination.

    So again I reassigned my GL Back in VKOA for the selected combination.

    Now i have moved to VF02--and released manually---billing doc saved with accounting entries.

    So i find the following things. can see the message of "No accounting document generated""-if you activate posting block in VOFA.

    2.So In VF02--released manually --then only can search for relevant GL account assignment(this is what was happened when my end user done)

    3.Most importantly--at this given situation--After assigning Proper GLs--VF02--Save--Automatically--Accounting document generated(Because it was already released).

    So thanks for helping me.

    Mr Leonard Tan: Really i have to appreciate your help in solving this thread.Thanks yar.

    Thread closed.


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    • Hi Phani,

      Good that you figured out the problem 😀.

      Ultimately, the unique combination of Posting Block and Account Determination Issue together in tandem created your situation.

      I believe, in standard process, if it is normal Account Determination Error Issue the moment it is corrected and you save the SD Billing Document, you will be able to get the Accounting Document generated.

      Another thing is that you can get "SD Billing Document created - No Accounting Document generated "[ something similar but not exactly the same wordings though] Message, at the time of creation, even in cases where there is Account Determination Error, without actually system saying that this is because of Account Determination Error. I have seen that.

      I am reminded of this kind of situation years back so it is a kind of rediscovery for me. I also know why this issue was bugging me, even though it seems to be a minor one with respect to features.

      Good work 😊


  • Jan 10, 2014 at 06:29 AM

    If you set a Posting Block for a billing type, definitely, system will not release an accounting document when you save the billing document, unless you click the green flag.

    G. Lakshmipathi

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    • Sir--As i stated earlier whenever any billing document created through this Billing Type(ZC01) in VF01 are always going for Block.(if there is no such kind of errors like Account determination)

      But any document which was identified with this error --after VKOA assignments--once if i go to VF02--enter the number--Just save---Surprisingly accounting document created.(May be Common in IDES too--let me try)

      As of my knowledge--there is no exits playing here--all standard configurations only.

      Can you help me--where to check this exits playing here?

      Also see the screen shot--of VOFA for my ZC01 Billing type-


      Capture.PNG (23.4 kB)
  • Jan 11, 2014 at 08:36 AM

    Can Anybody guide me on this please...

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    • Former Member Phanikumar V L

      HI Phani,

      You can call me Leonard. 😊 Unfortunately, I do not think you miss out any other config. I believe by default SAP Account Determination remove the Posting Block automatically once all the criteria matches after an account determination error.

      PS. Unfortunately I do not have my system with me to do a quick debug for you.



  • Jan 13, 2014 at 05:43 AM


    Have you tested this in IDES? What were the findings?

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  • Jan 14, 2014 at 07:30 AM

    I agree with Dee that this is a good thread for learning (working of posting block) and for revising!

    Important comment is if there is a posting block set, then accounting document shall not be created!

    Irrespective of any other thing.

    ONLY after releasing the billing document, could there is a possibility of creating the accounting document.

    But for the creation of accounting document, all the pre-requisites should be OK!

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