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Jan 10, 2014 at 04:45 AM

adding color to a column in ALV OOPS


Hi all,

i am using ALV OOPS to display table of data.

i am using set_table_for_first_display method of cl_gui_alv_grid class.

i want to add colors for two entire columns not for column heading.

can anyone provide me sample code.?

if my table structure is

types : begin of st_out,

vbeln type vbak-vbeln,

erdat type vbak-erdat,

kunnr type vbak-kunnr,

netwr type vbak-netwr,

end of st_out.

data: it_out type table of st_out,

wa_out type st_out.

i want to add colors to vbeln, netwr.

please respond ASAP. COUNT = 1



Moderator message - The problem may be urgent for you, but it is not for other forum members. Besides it is against the Forums RoE as well

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