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Jan 17, 2017 at 09:20 AM

Contract distribution to Multiple Co codes


SAP Experts -

Following is my requirements related to Contract process,

AS-IS (Existing set up): One company code-One 4 P.grps for SRM related purchases

Existing Call off PO(PO created with respect to Contract source of supply) process: Contract is created in Thrid Party System (Non SAP Application) and it gets replicated to SAP R/3. When its replicated in R/3 a new contract is created against the Third Party Contract number(PI IDOc).

TO-BE Scenario:

Company code is going to be splitted. Total 4 Company Codes is going to be created based on my business requiremet (Say e.g - Cars, Buses, Vans, Trucks). Now reuirement is when Contract is created at Thrid party System (for say asset –laptop ,quantity contract-100, supplier-lenovo,I.e Qty is considered for all ). At Thrid party System they have the functionality of creating / extending the contract with multiple co.code details(same contract no). However with current set up when contract(created for multiple gets distributed from Third party System to SAP R/3 it creates different contract number (individually to each co.code).

Now Business reqmt is when Contract ( 123456) is replicated from Thrid party to SAP R/3 it should be the same contract no(123456) to be created in R/3 and that too it should be used to all other co codes.

Hope my requirement above is clear and kindly let me know your valuable suggestion to configure the same in SAP.