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Jan 08, 2014 at 08:17 PM

Data Not retrieved from API - Change Scenario


Dear Experts,

I have extended the BP data model with the new custom entity to store KNVA/KNVD related values

  • I have added the new custom entity
  • Generated data structures
  • Did the SMT mapping
  • Have done GNIL model relation ship
  • created the custom feed class to handle my custom UIBB
  • Have added the UIBB and did the wire modeling.

While creating the change request I am able to perform all the operations in UIBB, once change request approved data has to move from staging to Active are (api)

I am also handled all those using my custom handler class (inherited CL_MDG_BS_FND_HANDLER ) and I am able to save the data into database table . In my case custom UIBB data is getting saved into KNVA and KNVD tables.

The issue I am facing here is , after approving the change request if I open the change request to view the data then all UIBB data is coming as blank

I am assuming data is not getting moved to properly from API à staging.I tried to debug the standard UIBB’s to check from where data is getting from and I can see data is coming get_data method (IF_FPM_GUIBB_LIST~GET_DATA ) inside that it actually getting the data from using method get_collection_data( lr_data ).

But in my case get_collection_data( lr_data ) method not able to get data because lo_entity is not bound .

----- retrieve for all entities
lo_entity = lo_iterator->get_by_index( iv_start_index ).
WHILE lo_entity IS BOUND.
IF NOT iv_row_count IS INITIAL
AND sy-index > iv_row_count.

*----- proper data
CALL METHOD get_entity_data
io_access = lo_entity
cs_data = <ls_data>.
CATCH cx_bol_exception.