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Jan 08, 2014 at 02:39 PM

4.1 Sp2 Known bugs/issues


Aware of the below issue, has anyone else experienced this SSO issue in 4.1 Sp2 or other issues? Is the work around suffice?

1919245 - logonNoSSO.jsp cannot be accessed from BI 4.1

We are trying to decide if we should go 4.1 Sp2 route- as several bugs were promised from support to be resolved in this version or if we should wait till Sp3 in March? We are a little confused on what all will be included in Sp3- Forward fit plan is nice but a little confusing. Should we expect everything promised for Sp2 to be included in 4.1 Sp3?

Some of the bugs that we experienced over our 4.0 journey & still experiencing in 4.0 Sp7

TraceLog_*_trace.glf created on Desktop after upgrading to SP06 when using the Rich Internet Application to create or view Webi documents. ADAPT01694876 Unable to perform a search in BILaunchpad
Error message: "An error occurred while searching: Index is not ready. Please try again later (PSS 01004). (PSS 01004)"is displayed. ADAPT01512541 "Invalid confidential channel. (FWB 00032)" while trying to login to BILaunchPad. ADAPT01558002

error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" is shown when scheduling a Webi report, with a colon (:) in the report name, to PDF, XLS or CSV formats. ADAPT01599616 WIS_30270 error ADAPT01697992

Major bug that lead us to 4.0 SP7 that we want to make sure is included!!

Major publication Webi/Crystal issue similar to a known

regression identified under 'ADAPT01692166'