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Former Member
Jan 17, 2017 at 08:46 AM

Interaction Record: Activity resaon code and Multilevel categorization


Hi Experts,

I have a situation where in, In Interaction record in the over view page for the "Reason" Field we need codes and under the Tab "Categorization" we have Category 1 and

Category 2 field and need codes that is different from Reason.

I have maintained reason code using Catalog A1 Code Group and Codes for Subject profile and assigned the Subject profile to Transaction Type. In Web UI, I have created the category schema for Categorization Using Hierarchy Level 1 and 2 for Category 1 and Category 2, but not maintained the codes for Categorization. when I create an interaction record I get the "Reason" Codes which correct and category 1 and 2 which is also correct, But I get an "I" information which is green: Customizing missing: No code for category.

How to over come this? any solution ?

On the other side I tried to maintain codes for "categorization" also along with the codes for "Reason" and maintained the category schema same as the above case, but I see in "Reason" field all the codes of "Reason" and "Categorization" which is not correct, and under Tab Categorization I can see the codes which is maintained in the Schema which is correct.

How to customize to see only the Reason code in the field "Reason" and Category Codes in the field Category 1 and 2 ?