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Jan 07, 2014 at 02:52 PM

Performance issue


Hi All,

I have around 25,000 maintenance items.I need data of total work hours for year 2014( Jan'14 to Dec'14). I have divided into 4 parts.Means each part contains approx. 6,000 nos of maint. items.Now ,I am entering each part in input field of t-code IP19 for a period of only 4 months & putting in background. I have selected only few check box available under t-code IP19. So,I have total 12 background jobs .I have divided all this parts so that there is no performance issue to get the data.But still due to performance only,system could not run the job & giving run time error message.

Has anybody ever faced this type of problem? What solution is applied? or Is there any alternate way to get total work hours for maintenance in future period such as Jan'2014-Dec'2014?

Thanking you.