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Irrelevant Ticket Indicator - where to find?

Jan 17, 2017 at 07:49 AM


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I could not find the irrelevant ticket indicator? Where can I set the ticket in the UI as irrelevant (so that it isn't shown in the "all ticket list")?

I cannot find a standard status called "irrelevant" ...

Admin guide just says that it's possible ( and not where to find this indicator...


Best regards,


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Ankush Pashine
Jan 17, 2017 at 08:52 AM

Dear Deborah,

There is not indicator ,but the button 'Set as Irrelevant', please follow below step:-

1.Go to Service work center->Ticket view ->Open Ticket (for e.g. 'In Process'/'Open' ticket).
2.Click on button 'Set as Irrelevant' at button of screen (In HTML5).

**Note:If you set Ticket to Irrelevant, then ticket is 'Completed'.

3.Now this ticket you can see under drop-down option 'All Irrelevant Tickets'.

Hope this answer.

Thanks and Regards,
Ankush Pashine
SAP Product Support.

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Dear Ankush,

thank you! I got it.

Best regards,

Deborah Albrecht

Former Member


Is it possible to see the irrelevant Status in an ODATA Service or in an Webservice?

BR Manfred


After doing the x-csrf-token and cookie stuff successfully, I am doing PATCH for ServiceRequestCollection('<guid>') with a JSON payload:


"ID" : "1001",

"ServiceRequestClassificationCodeText" : "Not Relevant",

"ServiceRequestLifeCycleStatusCodeText" : "Completed"


that returns a nice '204' code, but the object remains un-changed.

Anyone able to break through this connundrum? Any logs where I could see the actual demise of the PATCH?


Randy Huggins

TE Connectivity


Dear Ankush,

unfortunately, I can not find that query in my ticket work center view.

How can I see the irrelevant tickets?


Stefanie Ehlert