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Jan 06, 2014 at 04:39 PM

Intermec device types for SAP Smart Forms



Intermec printers are now certified through the SAP Printer Vendor program with Intermec device types for SAP Smart Forms. We have got PM4i printers in our company. We would like to use the SAP Smart Forms to create our labels and print them using the new device type YIM4-300. The print preview is available but unfortunately we are not getting any physical printout. We have changed the configuration of the printer and used Direct Protocol as the printer command language for test printing. The new output device was created with the device type YIM4-300 and the host spool access method U (Print using Berkley Protocol).

Now I had a colser look at "Installing and Configuring Intermec device types for SAP" under In the chapter "Configuring an Intermec Output Device" in point 9 is described, which Host Spool Access Method are available methods for Intermec Device Types. The only methods that are mentioned there are:
F: Printing on Front End Computer, or
G: Front End Printing with Control Tech
In our system a Print Server manages the printing, so we should use the Host Spool Access Methods U (Print using Berkley Protocol) or S (Print using SAP Protocol).
Do the Intermec Device Types for SAP work with those Host Spool Access Methods?

How do we get a printout? Which steps should be done within SAP and how the printer should be configured (printer mode/printer command language)?