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Jan 06, 2014 at 03:14 PM

Value Mapping with validity period checked with add. data element


Hello AIF specialist,

I need to implement a value mapping with a valid from and valid to date. By activating the checkbox “Enter Validity Period Dates Directly” these entered dates are only checked against the system date during mapping execution.

But in most cases the validity period need to be checked with an additional date source data element. The outsourcing of the value mapping maintenance into a Z-table is an option. When we enter “SM30” in “Alternative Transaction” field for a direct jump into the value mapping in case of missing mappings is also working fine. But we want to use the AIF VMAP instead of Z-Tables as much as possible.

In my solution I set up a multiple master data value mapping (here: VM_AIF_HOTEL_CODES2) with three external values. The data element for EXT2 and EXT3 are DATAB and DATBI. Here the business user can maintain their value mappings.

Then I set up a second value mapping for the execution (here: VM_AIF_TBL_HOTEL_CD) with a select on the first value mapping:

  • Table Name: /AIF/T_MVMAPVAL5
  • Field Name: INT_VALUE
  • Where Condition for Select Statement: EXT_VALUE1 = '$1' AND EXT_VALUE2 LE '$2' AND EXT_VALUE3 GE '$2'

The second value mapping VM_AIF_HOTEL_CODES2 is executed with a select on the maintained values from first value mapping VM_AIF_HOTEL_CODES2. This works fine. But in case of missing values I’m not able to jump into the transaction /AIF/VMAP with the preselected value mapping VM_AIF_HOTEL_CODES2 as I can do at a normal value mapping.

Our business users are looking forward to the direct jump into the /AIF/VMAP with preselected value mapping. Is there any other change to do this or perhaps does someone have a better idea to solve the check of the validity period against a source data value in AIF?

I’m happy to read your feedback or ideas.

Best wishes